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In the slot machine “Book of Ra” found a reflection of the motives that most attract the attention of players. It uses the theme of ancient Egypt and its immeasurable treasures, as well as an incredible adventure in the spirit of Indiana Jones. If you add to this the high level of payment, it becomes clear why this slot is so popular.

This slot has already become a significant milestone in the history of slot machines created by the Austrian provider Novomatic. In the almost two decades since the launch of the first, classic version, numerous versions of this popular game have seen the light. Some of them have reached the same level of popularity as the classic form of the slot, others are less well known. Each version has its own features and distinctive features, which makes it interesting to play on each of them.

All members of the numerous family of slots “Book of Ra” are united by the same plot, place of action and theme, as well as a number of characters and symbols. This facilitates the use of new variations, if the player is already familiar with the previous ones. But these features do not deprive the new games of specificity and appeal. Many new slot machines give a higher payout level, as well as being equipped with an increased number of bonus offers. A number of slots even have jackpots, including progressive. This suggests that the developers have not stopped there and continue to delight users loyal to the beloved “Book of Ra.

Review of the Book of Ra slot

Favored by many users of the casino game “Book of Ra” is created by Novomatic from Austria. It is so popular that it led to the creation of numerous variations, which, however, far from the main theme do not deviate.

The structure of “Book of Ra” is a classic slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. The main point of this game is the use of the free spins feature, before launching which randomly determines the symbol to expand. The volatility is quite high and the RTP is 92.13% (according to other sources, up to 95%).

Symbols and Bonus Features

The slot uses 10 symbols:

  • The letters A, J, K, Q and the number 10 are typical card symbols. These are the lowest paying symbols that can fall out during the game.
  • The scarab is a sacred beetle of the Egyptians.
scarab symbol
  • The Pharaoh.
pharaoh symbol
  • The Goddess
goddess symbol
  • The Archeologist, aka the adventurer.
archaeologist symbol
  • The Book of Ra

The book icon acts as a wild symbol, that is, it can replace any other. On a roll of three or more books activates the bonus feature – 10 free spins.

book of ra symbol

The table shows the values of the main symbols and the functions they perform in the game.

Wild symbol The book icon replaces other symbols when forming a winning combination. When expanding the jokers on the reels during the bonus game, the payouts are tripled.
Scatter symbol The book symbol also “works” as a scatter. 3 identical books on the reels activate the bonus game. In addition, at least 3 figures will also give a payout.
Adventurer Symbol giving 10, 100, 1000 and 5000-fold increase in bets for respectively 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the same picture on the reels.
Pharaoh The symbol increases the bet by 2000 times for 5 matching symbols on 5 reels.
Scarab Increases the bet by 750 times for matching symbols on all 5 reels. In addition, it provides 100x and 30x increases when you get 4 and 3 of the same symbols, respectively.
Hieroglyphics and symbolic images Increases the bet by 2, 20 and 200 times for 3, 4 or 5 pictures on the reels, respectively.

Coefficients and benefits

The ten symbols used in the game bring different amounts of money. Some of them pay significantly more than others. Using dollar bets as an example, you can get the following results:

  • Characters 10, J, Q and K: $5 for three hits in a row and $100 for all five.
  • Letter A: $5 for three in a row and $150 for all five.
  • Scarab : $5 for two in a row and $750 if you manage to get five of them on a payline.
  • Pharaoh: $5 for two and $750 for five matches.
  • Goddess: $5 for two on a payline and $2,000 for five.
  • Book: $18 for three on a payline and $1,800 for all five.
  • Archaeologist: $10 for two in a row and $5,000 for all five.

Players should take into account that the winnings may seem impressive, for example, equal $5 for three symbols in a row, in fact the situation may be different. With a bet of $1 per line and using all nine lines, the total bet will be $9 per spin. So, even if you get three of the same symbols in a row, the loss is still $4. However, it is possible to get $10 on multiple paylines and be in the winnings.

RTP and volatility

All “Book of Ra” slot machines are characterized by medium to fairly high volatility and have RTP from 92.13 to 95%. These are high figures, which demonstrate a significant level of payouts and the possibility of obtaining stable and frequent winnings.

RTP and volatility are of great importance for players. An automaton with low RTP will give pleasure to the player, because it will “eat up” the game budget rather quickly, without giving any payout. At the same time, volatility is a personal preference. Some people like slots with higher volatility, bringing rarer, but rather large winnings. Others like slots with lower volatility, where rather small winnings happen more often.

The RTP of the Book of Ra is 92.13%. This figure is about the same as in large land-based casinos. This is due to the fact that slot machines in physical casinos have to give less because the casino pays for building maintenance, equipment maintenance, accounts for employee salaries and so on. Since online casinos don’t have that, they can offer RTPs in the 95% range, and some feature RTPs above 97%.

In terms of volatility the slot machine “Book of Ra” is about in the middle. Not too high volatility, but not the lowest. When playing it you can get good winnings and great fun.

Book of Ra: characteristics of the slot and statistical tables

Popular “Book of Ra” slot machines have the following characteristics:

Provider Novomatic
Release Date March 7, 2005
Type of game Video slot
RTP 92,13–96%
Volatility Medium/high
Probability of winning 28
Maximum winnings x10014.00
Minimum rate (in euros, dollars, pounds sterling) 0.02
Maximum rate (in euros, dollars, pounds sterling) 18
Playing field 5–3 
Number of winning lines 9
Features and bonuses Wild symbol, scatter, free spins, risk doubling game and so on
Theme of the slot Ancient Civilizations, Adventure, Ancient Egypt, Archaeology
Main game object/item Book of Ra
Game genre Adventures
Use from mobile devices +
Technologies used FLASH, JS, HTML5
Last update December 20, 2022

Pros and cons

Al Book of Ra games have the following positive and negative qualities:

                          Pros                             Cons
No complicated rules, so it will be easy and enjoyable to play, even for beginners You can not play in Book of Ra for free or for real money in all casinos
It is possible to try to play a free demo version The slot has not been graphically updated, but its design has long been a sought-after classic
The free spins round gives the best payouts
The slot machine can be used online on mobile devices, including free
Provider Novomatic is a well-known manufacturer of slot machines. He set a high RTP for Book of Ra Deluxe and a number of its predecessors

Given the significant predominance of pros over cons, it becomes clear why the series slots are so famous and popular among players for such a long time.

Rules of the game of Book of Ra

The online game Book of Ra is quite simple and interesting. You can use the slot machine on a free demo version or you can bet real money. In the latter case, you have to register on the website of the gaming club, if it has not been done earlier. All that will be required of the registered player to do is to choose the number of lines on which it will play – from one to nine. Also you need to decide on the amount to be put on a spin. After the final choice you just need to press the spin button and the game will start. If you get the winnings in the table will appear payout, but if not, you can continue spinning. There are no special difficulties in playing this slot, this attracts players who prefer a relaxed game where winnings are paired with relaxation. There are no custom rules or auto-rotation criteria, as well as contrived super-complicated bonuses. Most users choose nine lines and a small bet per line. You can continue spinning as long as you want, until it’s time to stop playing.

Book of Ra versions

All slots Book of Ra are similar to each other, but have a number of differences:

Slot machine Number of reels Number of paylines RTP Bonuses and features The difference that exists between the versions
Book of Ra 6 6 10 95,03% Winning 3, 4 or 5 books provides 10 free spins More reels, more lines
Book of Ra Magic 5 10 95,03% 10 free spins on a roll of 3 or more scatters, the mode “Additional rate” and the risk game with extra paylines More game lines
Book of Ra 10 10 10 96% progressive jackpot More reels, more paylines
Book of Ra — Temple of Gold 5 10 96% Powerline feature (up to 25 times the bet as a win) More paylines, higher RTP
Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo 5 10 96% The ability to purchase 11 additional balls at the end of the main draw, as well as improving existing options. When compiling a bonus combination, players are given access to the prize game “Book of Ra Deluxe Higher RTP

Play equally interesting to any of the variations of the “Book of Ra”, and the choice depends solely on the desires and preferences of the user.

«Book of Ra Classic»

The legendary “Book of Ra Classic” – slot machine that exists for the second decade, and is still very popular among players. It is quite simple for beginners and at the same time quite interesting for experienced users, because it gives the opportunity to play at your own pace, while paying out winnings.

book of ra classic

Use this slot machine can be in demo free mode, which will not risk their own finances, have fun with the game and thus accumulate much important experience. This is especially important for beginners. This is a typical slot with five reels and nine winning lines. It does not have a bonus game, but there are free spins, wild symbol and scatter (scatter symbol), no multiplier. You can play the machine both manually and in automatic mode. There is also a mode of “Fast spin”. You can play the slot from any device, not only from a computer, but also from any mobile gadget – smartphone or tablet.

«Book of Ra Deluxe»

Improved versions of the main slot machine are slots “Book of Ra Deluxe.

book of ra deluxe

The basic variant “Deluxe” has significant potential and has an increased RTP of 94.2%. It gives more opportunities to win and more positive emotions from the game. To date, “Book of Ra Deluxe” online is already a classic slot machine of the new generation. He enjoys no less popularity than his “ancestor” and other representatives of the numerous family of slots “Book of Ra”.

«Book of Ra Magic»

“Book of Ra Magic” – another slot machine from the popular series from the provider Novomatic.

book of ra magic

Recently added features include extra free spins and an “Extra Bet” mode. In the bonus round you can get not one, as usual, but 9 expanding special symbols. In the first stages the game goes as usual – you get 10 free spins plus one expanding one. After restarting the freespins, a new expanding symbol is added to the already working symbol, followed by others. As a result, all symbols can turn out to be special.

«Book of Ra — Temple of Gold»

“Temple of Gold” also touches on the theme of time travel.

book of ra temple of gold

The slot is even more exciting than the original version. It features higher volatility. This is especially useful for customers with intentions of definitely making a profit from the game and attracts those casino visitors who want to get more of an experience playing the already tried and tested and familiar slot machines.

«Book of Ra Deluxe 6»

Option “Book of Ra Deluxe 6” is a slot from the same developer Novomatic, which sends the user on an epic adventure in ancient Egypt. Here the user expects a lot of winning combinations, which are obtained thanks to all kinds of jokers, free spins and other features. After triggering the free spins bonus, players will get from 10 to 20 freespins.

book of ra deluxe 6

From the basic version of the “Deluxe” this version is different in having six reels instead of five, which is reflected in the name of the new slot machine.

«Book of Ra Deluxe 10»

Some online casinos also offer the “Book of Ra Deluxe 10” option. Provider Novomatic brought some additional features to the game that promise even more winning combinations. There is a progressive jackpot, which was not present in the classic slot machine.

book of ra deluxe 10

What is new about the Deluxe 10 slot machine is that players now have 2 sets of reels. The regular set of reels consists of 5 reels, 4 rows and has 100 paylines, and on the right is the second set of reels with 5 reels, 12 rows and 100 paylines. The player spins both reels at the same time, and the fully assembled wild symbols on the first reel are cloned on the second reel and fill all 12 rows on it. Otherwise the slot does not have significant differences from the previous version, being one of the variations of the typical slot machine series “Deluxe” – an advanced version of the beloved “Book of Ra” slot.

«Book of Ra Deluxe Jackpot Edition»

This variation of “Book of Ra Deluxe” saw the light on March 15, 2017, also created by the developer Novomatic, has 10 paylines, the average level of volatility and RTP, equal to 95.1%. Such a high indicator will please both experienced users of gambling clubs and newcomers who want to get the most out of the game.

book of ra jackpot edition

Minimum bet is 0.1, maximum – 20, maximum multiplier – 200000. As it is clear from the name, the slot machine involves a profitable jackpot. There are four levels of prizes in this slot:

  • Mini.
  • Minor.
  • Major.
  • Grand.

«Book of Ra Roulette»

This version of the game is an ideal opportunity to use the classic advantages of video slot and roulette – the game with real dealers.

book of ra roulette

This hybrid is a variation of European roulette with slightly modified rules. Those users who are already familiar with the basic requirements, with ease and very quickly learn the new variation. Players have the opportunity to make an additional bet, as it is inherent in the slots. When playing there is an opportunity to interact both with the dealers and with other players – true fans of both roulette and the “Book of Ra”.

«Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo»

Slots “Book of Ra Deluxe” is constantly expanding and expanding. “Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo” is an innovative game that is an unexpected twist on the classic game of bingo. Unlike other versions of the traditional game, “Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo” has no ball numbers. With each turn, players try to cleverly combine the winning symbols lying on the table. “Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo offers an exciting combination of luck and strategy without being a real slot machine.

book of ra deluxe bingo

It successfully combines a bingo game and a variant of the Book of Ra Deluxe. At the beginning of the game, users start with a regular game of bingo. They are given cards on which to collect the numbers that fall out, using special patterns. Some of them include a bonus game, which looks like a round of freespins from the “Deluxe” version. Then the game is played according to the rules of the slot machine.

«Book of Ra Dice»

This version was released in 2018. It differs from the basic version by the use of dice. But in most manifestations it is a purely decorative addition.

book of ra dice

In the “Dice” variant, the game symbols characteristic of the “Book of Ra” are overlaid with translucent dice with different values in the form of dots. The dice decorate the game, but have no functionality. Their presence has no effect on either the main game or the bonus game. In its essence, the Dice version is a decorated version of Book of Ra Deluxe, which in no way diminishes its outstanding qualities for players.

«Book of Ra Mystic Fortunes»

There is a special game for fans of “Book of Ra”, which is not yet too often represented in popular casinos, so it is not well known to the general masses of players. Nevertheless, it stands out among the many varieties of “Book of Ra”. This is “Mystic Fortunes”, which offers players four very lucrative jackpots at once. Also in this slot machine applied a higher level of RTP, reaching 95%. For players, this means a more profitable and profitable game with a high return on investment.

book of ra mystic fortunes

This popular Egyptian-themed series uses a slot engine with 10 paylines and 5 reels. Judging by the look and feel of the new version, it looks almost the same as the previous games. The action of this version also takes place in ancient Egypt, in a pyramid. It has a selection of Egyptian-themed items, the reels contain the symbols A, K, Q and 10, the explorer, Horus, scarab beetles and Tutankhamen.

Game Features:

  • 5 reels;
  • 10 winning lines;
  • Book of Ra bonus symbols (“Wild” and “Scatter”).

You can play the “Mystic Fortunes” variant on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The rate per spin is from 10 pence to 100 euros. If players liked the previous versions of “Book of Ra Deluxe”, then surely they will like this latest version.

“Mystic Fortunes” offers four different jackpots:

  1. Mini = 5x bets.
  2. Minor = 20x bets.
  3. Major = 800x bets.
  4. Grand = 10,000x stakes.

The latest version of “Book of Ra Mystic Fortunes” is identical to “Book of Ra Deluxe” in appearance and gameplay. However, the newer version gives you a maximum bet that is 2,000 times bigger. The main element that differentiates the two games is the addition of the jackpot feature, which allows you to win 10,000 times your original bet.

Play Book of Ra slot for real money online

If the user has already mastered the “Book of Ra” demo, gained considerable experience and felt confident in his abilities, it is safe to go to the game for real money. To do this, he should perform the following steps:

  1. Pass registration on the website of the casino, unless you have not done it before.
  2. Fill out a questionnaire and confirm personal data, age of majority, agree with the rules and requirements of the game club.
  3. Choose game currency.
  4. Accept bonuses, if they are offered by the casino.
  5. Make a deposit.

After that, the user can start playing for real money. However, keep in mind that there are certain requirements for wagering bonus offers, failure to comply with which could lead to the cancellation of the bonus, and received with his help profit. Violation of the same rules casino leads to complete blocking of the account with all the funds.


The most famous slot “Book of Ra” is created by a development company with a famous name, well known to all lovers of slot machines. This is Novomatic, a concern from Austria, for many years engaged in the development and production of slots, as well as the creation of software and hardware for them. All products provider distinguished by the highest technical quality, interesting plots, great graphics and high payment abilities. Such a successful combination of properties of slot machines made them a favorite among players of different generations from dozens of countries.


  • Who invented “Book of Ra”?

The creator of the slot machine is the Austrian company Novomatic. Which released a whole series of slots with similar themes on the theme of the ancient Egyptian civilization and the mythical Book of Ra.

  • Can I win real money in “Book of Ra”?

Yes, of course, if you use real money bets. When using the free demo versions, no real money is used, so it is not possible to win with them.

  • Is the free version of the “Book of Ra” available?

Yes, you can play “Book of Ra” for free on the demo version. Find a demo version of a popular slot machine can be found in almost any gaming club with a license, which works with slots from the provider Novomatic. Take the choice of casino is thoughtful, so as not to risk their own personal and financial data.

  • What version of the game should I try?

Each version of the slot is good in its own way, whether classic, “Book of Ra 6 Deluxe” or any other. If you take advantage of the demo version, you can try to play all versions, and then choose the most interesting. To begin with it is still worth a good mastering of the basic version – the classic “Book of Ra”, because all the other options in varying degrees involved in its rules, plots, symbols, and principles of the game. Then you can go to a more advanced version of the “Deluxe”, or choose to play any other slot machine. All of them are excellent for recreation and for profit.

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